The ABC’s of ‘Designer Dog’ Ailments

More and more our pets are reflecting our personalities and our taste. Even our style! Dogs have almost moved into ‘accessory’ status with celebrities taking their pretty pups everywhere with them, even to award ceremonies, carried in designer handbags; the pups being as much a statement of prestige as the enviable emblems on those handbags […]

3 Things to do in a Pet Emergency

“Be prepared.”  The Scouts live by it, and we love it for the simple reason that, even though we hope we never have to be, we are prepared for a pet emergency. How do I Know if my Pet has a Medical Emergency? Here are some tell-tale signs to look out for: Change in body […]

Pet Friendly Places in Cape Town

We love our pets. That’s a given. We take them everywhere with us; to the mall (if it is pet friendly), to restaurants, on play dates and even to social events; I was recently at a braai where a friend brought their African Grey along so that she wouldn’t get lonely at home. The parrot, […]

Awe-Inspiring Dog Prosthetics

Hop-Along Cassidy gets a leg up It’s not unusual for a three-legged dog to inspire pity in most of us. At times it causes us to dig deep into our pockets and donate to animal rescue, but most times, without pet health insurance or funding, these dogs go through life with very little dignity. Not […]