Hop-Along Cassidy gets a leg up

It’s not unusual for a three-legged dog to inspire pity in most of us. At times it causes us to dig deep into our pockets and donate to animal rescue, but most times, without pet health insurance or funding, these dogs go through life with very little dignity.

Not many pet owners put money away to cover vet bills for injuries or accidents. The costs usually climb way into the thousands, and who has that kind of money put away for themselves, let alone their pets?

Let alone a stray dog.

A kind couple in America decided they would do the right thing by Cassidy and got the North Carolina State University inolved to spearhead this dog prosthetics project.

We love this kind of open-hearted giving to pets. At Dogsure we give 100% of our commission to Tears Animal Rescue so that dogs like Cassidy can get the help and care they need.