Why Small is Better When it Comes to Pet Insurers

When it comes to choosing the right pet insurer for your furry companion, size matters. While larger insurance companies may seem like the obvious choice, there are several compelling reasons why going with a small pet insurer might be the smarter and more advantageous option. Personalized Attention: At Cat & Dogsure we pride ourselves on […]

Your troublesome dog could just be missing you!

Dogs are not known as ‘Man’s best friend’ for nothing. They are extremely friendly animals, fiercely loyal, giving unconditional love and asking very little in return – except to be loved and given a certain amount of attention. It is quite amazing, therefore, that so many dogs become known as ‘troublesome animals’ because they display […]

Canine Hip Dysplasia – Lessons learned from a Pet Insurer

The three big questions What is Canine Hip Dysplasia? Is my dog likely to develop it? How much is it going to cost me? In this short article, we hope to address these three important questions to help you make decisions about what breed of dog to adopt and how to be prepared for the […]

What exactly is your pet eating?

We all want our pets to have the longest, happiest life they can, and how we feed them is a huge part of that.  It’s important then, for pet parents to educate themselves on the best food options for our cats and dogs. As a pet insurance product designed with the well-being of the family […]

Look after your Husky – vet style.

So, you own a Husky. We all know how challenging of a breed they can be when it comes to their behaviour, but with that hard work comes reward, unlike few other breeds can offer. Just as special and uniquely demanding as their characteristics are, so Huskies are more prone to certain types of health […]

Quick-start guide to introducing and insuring your new rescue dog.

While there’s nothing wrong with pure-bred dogs, the team at DogSure are fans of the humble mutt, rescued from a local shelter. Adopting a dog from a rescue organisation is a wonderful thing to do, as you can give a loving home to a dog who would otherwise face a bleak future and probably end […]

Power breeds: Pet or peril?

There are many “power breeds” of dogs, including the sled-pulling Husky, the brandy-toting St. Bernard (a myth), and the goofy Boxer, but when it comes to the daily news cycle, we’re mostly talking about the bull breeds (with the Pit Bull being the most common), Rottweilers, and Dobermans. These are the breeds over which a […]

How to look after your Dachshund – vet style

Dachshunds can be highly energetic dogs, with a propensity to dig, bark above their weight, and sometimes be a little emotional – but you already knew that. Their courage makes them an admirable watchdog (not attack dog), and does require that we recognise their unique physique and provide them with a caring home that acknowledges […]

The ABC’s of ‘Designer Dog’ Ailments

More and more our pets are reflecting our personalities and our taste. Even our style! Dogs have almost moved into ‘accessory’ status with celebrities taking their pretty pups everywhere with them, even to award ceremonies, carried in designer handbags; the pups being as much a statement of prestige as the enviable emblems on those handbags […]