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Very friendly helpful staff! Thank you Natalie for amazing service! We have been with Dogsure a few years and have always had easy claims with no issues at all. I definitely recommend Dogsure!

Just a special Thank You to Dogsure in the manner in which our little rescue Choccie's claim was is a pleasure knowing that one has Medical Insurance for our pets that really care....

Thanks to Dogsure for processing our claim so quickly - payout for Lemons annual vaccinations done in just 48 hours and no excess payable

My big girl, Ripley, had injured her knee and had an operation a week ago. She only came home yesterday and the road ahead is a long one - 2 months at least for recovery.

Through all of this Natalie Simons has been absolutely amazing. From when Ripley was first injured about a month ago Natalie has been so helpful and supportive. She has made a very difficult and emotional time so much more bearable for us. In fact every time I need to make a claim for any of my 4 dogs Natalie is always helpful and supportive.

Natalie, you are the best! My husband and I and all our fur kids thank you for your service. You are the best!

Just experienced amazing service again. Could not get a copy of the invoice and Natalie contacted the Vet and had everything sorted out. 1st half of the claim paid in less than a week. Dogsure has been wonderful and I cannot recommend them enough.

“A few weeks back Sheba my 6 month old German Shepherd suddenly collapsed without warning. I rushed her on the Sunday morning to an Emergency Vet for assessment.

Tests were conducted and a solution to the problem was found. The next day I submitted my claim form to Dogsure and without hesitation my claim was paid out. The service I have received from Dogsure is without doubt most professional. Owners of young dogs should definitely take out insurance.”

Axl decided a couple of weeks ago that he is a hunter-gatherer, and that the best food can be found in the kitchen bin.

As a consequence, he spent 7 days with a very poorly tummy which after 3 days of poop and vomit resulted in X-Rays, antibiotics and anti-nausea pills.

I put my claim through on the 2nd Feb, and received my payment on the 8th Feb.
No drama, no fuss, just payment, followed up with a statement and confirmation of payment the following day.

Axl is now wondering whether bin foraging was worth all the drama, but is perfectly fine again.

Thank you Dogsure!!

I have nothing but praise for this company. The process was smooth and swift, the staff, especially Aisha, are fantastic!!!! I highly recommend this company as an insurer.

Thank you Dogsure!!

Amazing professional service from Aisha when getting approval for a claim and then submitting it.

Thank you Dogsure!!

Excellent service. I would definitely recommend Dogsure to all my friends and family.

I've been so impressed with Dogsure - they've been amazing; efficient and helpful. What a pleasure to deal with such a great company!

Thank you Dogsure!!

Utterly impressed with the service provided by Dogsure & our broker Aisha - efficient in every way! Our claim was processed and paid within less than a week! Thank you for your compassion and quick assistance.


I have had my boy Rocky on cover with Dogsure since Jan 2018. I have to compliment them on the excellent service and immediate authorization when needed. Well done Dogsure......keep up the good work.

I submitted an estimate for a procedure for our dog. It was handled immediately by a friendly staff and received approval within 24 hours.

I have had my boy Rocky on cover with Dogsure since Jan 2018. I have to compliment them on the excellent service and immediate authorization when needed. Well done Dogsure......keep up the good work.

I can highly recommend Dogsure, they were caring, professional, prompt on paying out and they covered most of my pets chemo and other procedures. *Special * thanks to Aisha and Natalie, it's been an absolute pleasure dealing with the both of you!

Efficient, friendly and so easy to deal with. I’ve never had a claim denied as long as I keep them informed. Even one of the puppies eating his claim form wasn’t a problem? Very happy with Dogsure

With a Jack Russell who thinks she is a lion, and a rescue Lab that suffers from HGE, I am so grateful for the fantastic, friendly and timeous service I always get from Dogsure! Thank you so much, from Safia and Kiana too!! You really enable our outdoor lifestyle.

Thank you Dogsure for the speedy claim and always following up on how Pablo is doing. It is nice to work with a medical that cares.

Very very helpful, had the pleasure to deal with Aisha from the start, and it’s been smooth sailing from the start , rarely have I have come across someone so pleasant and helpful .

Thank you Dogsure for paying out our claim so quickly! So good to know that we'll always be able to afford proper care for our Gumbo!

Thank you yet again for your amazing service and fast turnaround time with payments.

Ariel and Savannah had a small altercation and got into a fight. We rushed them to the vet and a couple of stitches later all was forgiven and they are best friends again.

Thank you Dogsure and Aisha for looking after me! Love from Tosha

Natalie is such a pleasure! She has really helped to make all my claims as seamless as possible and is always happy to answer my millions of questions!
I haven't been with Dogsure for very long and have never had to claim until suddenly I've had to claim 3 times in the space of 4 weeks for my one pooch and haven't had any hassles thus far. Thanks Dogsure!

Lea in recovery after a toe amputation. Thanks to Dogsure for their excellent product and service she is now cancer free.

Dear Dogsure,

Thank you so much for the quick and hassle free claim payout.

Savannah, being a very active Husky Girl, had injured her left hind leg and we had to visit the vet. This was very exciting for her as she does not get ill or injured often.

She is still on the mend and thanks to your fast pay out of our claim my bank balance is also recovering

Thank you Natalie and Brent for the professional service and assistance!! I wish my own medical aid was this helpful and efficient!

Thanks to Dogsure I know that I can give Piper the best when she needs it most

Storm says thank you for processing his claim so quickly!!

Adventure Cat adventured too hard! I am so grateful for the friendly, efficient and personal service from Catsure! I could worry about taking care of my baby without worrying about how I would pay for it ❤️

Thank you for processing Luther's claim so quickly. This was the first time I have had to claim and am very impressed with the service. Thank you Dogsure and Aisha!

We have had nothing but caring efficient service from the Dogsure team! Thanks!

I have only had great experiences with Dogsure! They are efficient, friendly, helpful and pay out quickly. 10/10 recommend!!!!

Absolutely fantastic. Really caring team with follow-up on how the fur-kids are doing. A few claims submitted and paid quickly with no questions asked.

Prompt and efficient in service. On time payment and very helpful and friendly service especially from Aisha.

Roxy is my third dog but the first I have insured. I would definitely recommend Dogsure, not only for their excellent premiums and cover but also the friendly help and quick response times.


Highly recommend Dogsure!Excellent service!


So far my dealings with Natalie and Aisha have been a pleasure. Congratulations on putting together such a great team.


Thank you Dogsure for another easy claim! Spliffie is so much happier and more comfortable without that big ugly mass on his leg. A great vet and a great pet health insurance makes the unfortunate and difficult times much easier. Thank you