In the heart of South Africa’s bustling pet insurance market lies a story of love, responsibility, and inspiration: the story of Cat&Dogsure. Founded by Brent Cocks, a seasoned insurance and financial planning expert at Flagstone Financial Services, Cat&Dogsure emerged from a personal journey that began at a function in June 2011. It was here that Brent met his future wife, Kendall, and her newly adopted puppy, Olive. This meeting marked the start of a profound journey that would help shape the future of pet insurance in South Africa.

The turning point came when Olive, then only 9 months old, ruptured her cruciate ligament.

Despite Brent’s extensive experience in insurance, Olive was not insured, leading to significant financial strain. This incident was a wake-up call about the crucial role of pet insurance in financial planning. Motivated by this experience, Brent collaborated with P.Uma to develop specialized pet insurance products, Catsure and Dogsure, which later evolved into Cat&Dogsure. Olive was also the inspiration behind Brent’s wife’s business – Olive’s Doggy Daycare! Olive’s presence in Brent and Kendall’s life was more than just companionship; she was an integral part of their family. Her passing in 2021 left an irreplaceable void, yet her memory continues to inspire the mission of Cat&Dogsure. The legacy of Olive lives on through the brand, emphasizing the importance of preparing for unexpected pet health issues.

Almost 2 years later and still feeling the loss of a furry companion, Brent felt it was time to welcome a new member to their family. He covertly contacted a reputable breeder and surprised the family with Nala, who now fills their lives with joy and adventures. And, Nala has become Cat&Dogsure’s brand touting mascot! Cat&Dogsure stands as a testament to the bonds we share with our pets and the unforeseen challenges we may face.

It’s not just an insurance brand; it’s a story of love, loss, and the resilience to move forward.

The brand embodies the spirit of care and preparedness, ensuring that pet parents can provide the best for their furry family members without the burden of unexpected financial stress. This heartwarming origin story resonates with pet owners everywhere, highlighting the importance of pet insurance in safeguarding both our financial stability and our beloved pets’ well-being.

Cat&Dogsure is more than a brand.

It’s a movement towards responsible and loving pet ownership, inspired by a story that touches the heart of every pet parent.