Power breeds: Pet or peril?

There are many “power breeds” of dogs, including the sled-pulling Husky, the brandy-toting St. Bernard (a myth), and the goofy Boxer, but when it comes to the daily news cycle, we’re mostly talking about the bull breeds (with the Pit Bull being the most common), Rottweilers, and Dobermans. These are the breeds over which a […]

How to look after your Dachshund – vet style

Dachshunds can be highly energetic dogs, with a propensity to dig, bark above their weight, and sometimes be a little emotional – but you already knew that. Their courage makes them an admirable watchdog (not attack dog), and does require that we recognise their unique physique and provide them with a caring home that acknowledges […]

The ABC’s of ‘Designer Dog’ Ailments

More and more our pets are reflecting our personalities and our taste. Even our style! Dogs have almost moved into ‘accessory’ status with celebrities taking their pretty pups everywhere with them, even to award ceremonies, carried in designer handbags; the pups being as much a statement of prestige as the enviable emblems on those handbags […]